Thursday, 4 July 2013

A New Kid on the Block – Crime Writer Juliet Madison

Juliet Madison – new to the crime scene.

This time round, my post is about a new discovery, crime writer Juliet Madison. I recently came across her book Second Chances and thought well of it. The hero is DI Frank Lyle, and the plot, which of course I can't give away, is original in the extreme. I think Juliet, who has written many books in a different genre, has found her niche here. The book falls into the 'Noir' category. I don't mind a bit of this, although I don't like the writers who take it to extremes. Second Chances didn't take me over my self drawn line; and I found it both gripping and enjoyable. 

Juliet suggested that I interview her, which isn't, as regular readers of this blog know, my normal style. However, here goes! 

So, today I’m talking to Juliet B Madison about her newly published crime thriller Second Chances and her detective DI Frank Lyle.

Gerry:   Welcome to my blog, Juliet. I know you were interviewed recently by Tricia Drammeh for the Authors to Watch blog so I’ll try not to cover the same ground.

Juliet:   No problem if we do, because some things bear repeating.

Gerry:    So, tell us something about your detective DI Frank Lyle.

Juliet:   Frank is in his late thirties at the start of Second Chances. He has a ten year old son, James, by his ex wife, Sarah, who left him because she got fed up coming second to the job. She is very bitter about this so she does her best to make his life difficult, but they do start to get on better during the course of the story. She wants Frank back –  but readers will have to wait and see what happens on that score!

I wanted Frank to be dedicated to his job but, unlike a lot of fictional cops, he does try not to break the rules too often. He has a real respect for his police colleagues and people in general.

Gerry:   I've enjoyed reading your book, and reading about Frank. He's an interesting person.

Juliet:   Well, I think he is. I’m rather in love with him myself! DI Frank Lyle is six foot tall with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. But he is wary of commitment since his wife left him for someone else, and he doesn’t appear to think he’s gorgeous, he certainly doesn’t make out he is God’s gift or anything like that.

Gerry:   What do you think is the most difficult lesson Frank has to learn in Second Chances?

Juliet:   I can’t really answer that completely without giving away a major spoiler, but he learns about the pain of loss, both professionally and personally.

Gerry:   Did you do a lot of research for Second Chances?

Juliet:   Well, I quizzed older people about their memories of 1982 as I was only 7 then. 

I have learnt a lot over the years through reading crime novels and watching TV crime dramas. I had to do some research into inquests and coroner’s verdicts and I had a very good reference book to guide me through writing about the post-mortem (autopsy). I didn’t copy anything, just used it as a guide and applied it to my victim and the story.

My friend, Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie edited the book and kept asking me about British things so i decided to include a reference section in the back. The scenes related to Diabetes and Ketoacidosis (very high blood glucose) come from nearly 34 years experience of living with the condition.

Gerry:   I believe you're working on a second DI Lyle book at present. Do you intend to make this a series?

Juliet:   I hope so. I have a few ideas for the plot of the next one which I have started writing. I'll go on with it when I feel ready, but I want to see how this one fares first.

Gerry:   Where can people get their own copy of Second Chances?

Juliet:   You can download the Kindle version from Amazon.

You can only get the paperback version from Lulu at present but it should be on Amazon soon

I also have a DI Lyle Facebook page, where you can get an Authorgraph

Gerry: Thanks for talking to me, Juliet. I wish you all the very best with Second Chances.

Juliet: It’s been good to be here, Gerry.

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Goodbye and God Bless! See you soon!


  1. Hope you're happy with this, Juliet – love your book!

    1. Thanks for doing this Gerry. Once I start talking DI Frank Lyle I can't stop. Glad you are enjoying the book! It's also great I don't have to do one of those stupid capitchas every time I post a comment.

  2. An engaging, enlightening in depth interview, Gerry. Liked your books too...Rags

    1. Thanks, Rags – you are always so encouraging!

    2. Thanks fro your continued support and invaluable friendship Raggsy!

  3. Welcome Juliet B Madison to the world of crime. I hope you and your detective does well (Tom Kendall also hopes you do well ......) It's a great cover by the way.

  4. John, thanks for commenting – I'm sure Juliet will reply too when she gets home from work and reads this!

  5. Excellent and enjoyable interview, Gerry and Juliet. Gerry, I believe your correct that Juliet has found her niche.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Tricia. Yes, I think Juliet is really good at this.